Alloblennius frondiculus

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Alloblennius frondiculus

A new species of blenny was recently discovered in the Indian Ocean. The fish, Alloblennius frondiculus, whose species name in Latin translates to “small leaf,” is named so because of a beautiful mark, called a cirrus, located behind its eyes.  A. frondiculus is the fifth species to be classified in the genus Alloblennius. The diminutive fish, 2.3 cm in length, was recently described in the journal Zootaxa. The fish was found near-shore at a depth of less than 9 feet, swimming among algae-covered rocks in an area exposed to wave action from the open ocean.

Here is a link to more information about
Alloblennius frondiculus and to see a picture of this gorgeous fish

Here is a link to the scientific  journal article describing the species in more detail

Albert B Ulrich IIIAlloblennius frondiculus

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