10 ways to fight red slime algae

Red Slime Algae Cyanobacteria

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What are Red Slime Algae? Red Slime Algae is the common name for an aquarium troublemaker otherwise known as red cyanobacteria. Since the term cyanobacteria sounds like either a bizarre Crayola Crayon color or the bacterial strain in a Michael Crichton novel (how’s that for a dated reference), the more popular term …

Albert B Ulrich IIIRed Slime Algae Cyanobacteria
bristle worm by prilfish

The bristle worm

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What is a bristle worm? A bristle worm is a nocturnal, segmented worm from the family polychaete, which means ‘many hairs’ in Latin. One glance at these critters and you’ll know where the scientists who discovered them came up with their name. Most of the bristle worms you will find in a saltwater …

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aiptasia in between zoanthids

Aiptasia: Proven Pest or Unjustly Persecuted?

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Last night, I performed a little surgery in my reef tank to eradicate a notorious pest in the saltwater aquarium world–I found the dreaded aiptasia anemone (sometimes spelled aptasia on forums), on a coral I recently purchased. After carefully inspecting the subject (a piece of live rock with mushroom corals …

Albert B Ulrich IIIAiptasia: Proven Pest or Unjustly Persecuted?