Alloblennius frondiculus

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Alloblennius frondiculus A new species of blenny was recently discovered in the Indian Ocean. The fish, Alloblennius frondiculus, whose species name in Latin translates to “small leaf,” is named so because of a beautiful mark, called a cirrus, located behind its eyes.  A. frondiculus is the fifth species to be …

Albert B Ulrich IIIAlloblennius frondiculus

Breeding The Yellow Headed Jawfish

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Here is a movie of the latest addition to my aquarium–a pair of yellow headed jawfish caught off the coast of Florida. I purchased these fish as a mated pair from a reputable eBay merchant. They appear to be somewhat comfortable in their new home, although only time will tell. …

Albert B Ulrich IIIBreeding The Yellow Headed Jawfish
Amphiprion ocellaris clownfish breeding pattern

Clownfish Breeding Pattern

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Clownfish Breeding Pattern   The breeding pattern of the two pairs of clownfish has become very regular now. Ever since the beginning of September, each pair has been spawning about every 2 weeks.   Ocellaris Clownfish Breeding Pattern Pair 1: The Amphiprion ocellaris clownfish pair in my display tank spawned twice …

Albert B Ulrich IIIClownfish Breeding Pattern
quarantine tank

Quarantine Tank for Saltwater Fish

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Next to the protein skimmer, the quarantine tank is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can purchase. Adding fish to a tank without the proper quarantine period is like playing Russian Roulette with your fish tank. You can get away with it for a few rounds, but after a while the odds stack up against you, and your fish will pay the price.

Albert B Ulrich IIIQuarantine Tank for Saltwater Fish

Establishing the Phytoplankton Culture

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Establishing the CultureAdd enough media to the culture to double the volume.  Insert a rigid airline and start a moderate flow of bubbles.  Watch the culture over the next few days.  Diluting the culture should make it lighter in color–when the culture returns to the original color, or darker, dilute …

Albert B Ulrich IIIEstablishing the Phytoplankton Culture

Phytoplankton Equipment Set-up

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This post will cover the instructions for setting up the equipment for your phytoplankton culture station: 1) Mount the fluorescent light horizontally on a wall about table-height2) Slide the table up against the wall, just under the light3) Spread your culture bottles out to maximize surface area exposed to the light4) Cut …

Albert B Ulrich IIIPhytoplankton Equipment Set-up

Equipment List for Phytoplankton Culture

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Here is a list of the equipment you will need to culture a phytoplankton species such as Nannochloropsis occulata at homeEquipment List 48″ Shop light 2 x 48″, 40 Watt fluorescent bulbs On/off Timer Air pump ~10 ft. Flexible airline tubing ~ 3 ft. Rigid airline tubing Multi-outlet airline splitter/valve …

Albert B Ulrich IIIEquipment List for Phytoplankton Culture

The Best Book about Breeding Saltwater Fish

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Want to know the best book about breeding saltwater fish? Scan a little farther down the page and I’ll show you. The best book about breeding saltwater fish The fourth best book about breeding saltwater fish is… 4. Breeding the Orchid Dottyback: An Aquarist’s Journal, by Martin A. Moe, Jr. Published in …

Albert B Ulrich IIIThe Best Book about Breeding Saltwater Fish