Clownfish larvae three days post hatch

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Clownfish larvae three days post hatch

Here is a quick video of the clownfish larvae three days after they hatched from their egg cases in the display tank. The baby clownfish actually hatched the day before I was ready for them. By accident I happened to notice a few larvae suspended in the water column after lights out. The banggai cardinalfish were nearby looking predatory and plump.  The larvae hatched in the display tank and were transered to a black round tub in my basement. I caught them using a large bowl and turey baster. They are quite fast and adept at fleeing from turkey basters.   Many of the small white specs in the video  are rotifers/copepods, and the clownfish larvae, three days post hatch are swimming around too.  Their stomachs are become a reflective silver color and appear quite distended at times. Unfortunately their is one larvae who spins around erratically in circles–I fear I will lose that one, but there are a few more besides that one.  Right now I am using a 5 gallon black bucket to raise the larvae. This bucket has made it fairly easy to maintain a relatively high food density in a relatively small water volume.

I will post some more images and video if they make it a few more days. Unfortunately there are just a handful of larvae, but this is really cool. Enjoy, I’m going to smoke a cigar.

Albert B Ulrich IIIClownfish larvae three days post hatch

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