Coral Reef and Aquarium Charities Page Added

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Coral Reef and Aquarium Charities Page Added


Image of coral reef

image from wikipedia


I was doing a search on Google for coral reef and aquarium charities, looking for a list of charities dedicated to restoring coral reefs or promoting the aquarium hobby. These charities are surprisingly hard to find. There are a few environmental charities involved with preserving the world’s coral reefs, but the big environmental charities seem opposed to collection for the aquarium hobby.

So I decided to start a page of my own. You can find it along the top navigation on the website here–just click on the tab labeled “charities,” or use this direct link:

If you know of a charitity that would be a good addition to the list, please leave a comment, or email me at: .

I also decided to put my money where my keyboard is. Within each section describing the charity is an advertising link to shop at If you plan to shop at Amazon, go to their website by using one of those links. I will donate a portion of the proceeds from the respective link to the charity listed.

Albert B Ulrich IIICoral Reef and Aquarium Charities Page Added

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