Culturing Saltwater Rotifers–Introduction

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Culturing Saltwater Rotifers: How to Culture Live Rotifers at Home for Your Saltwater Aquarium Culturing rotifers is easy to do at home. In order to get started, you have to obtain a starter culture. If you don’t find automatic success with your homegrown rotifer culture, don’t worry. It took me a …

Albert B Ulrich IIICulturing Saltwater Rotifers–Introduction

Clownfish Larvae Death

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Just wanted to complete the most recent clownfish spawning blog and post the (dismal) results.  Over the first two days post-hatch (almost sounds Shakespearean…oh, no, wait, the phrase I’m thinking of is ‘post-haste’, but even if not Shakespearean, the story does end in tragedy) the handful of clownfish larvae that …

Albert B Ulrich IIIClownfish Larvae Death

Clownfish Eggs Hatch

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So the clownfish (amphiprion ocellaris) eggs hatched last night, after 8 days of incubuation.  The clownfish eggs were initially laid on the glass of my display tank (75 gallon mixed reef).   In my basement, I had a 20 gallon black round tub filled (to about 2-3 gallons) with water from the …

Albert B Ulrich IIIClownfish Eggs Hatch

Clownfish Spawning Day Eight Pre-hatch

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Here are the photos of the clownfish eggs from tonight, prior to hatch.   Larvae look highly developed through the egg casing. Amazing how strongly the eggs are attached to the glass.  Both the male and female reacted to my presence today and were thrashing about next to the nest.  The …

Albert B Ulrich IIIClownfish Spawning Day Eight Pre-hatch

Clownfish Spawning Days 6 and 7

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Here are the pictures for Day 6 and Day 7:   By Day six, approximately 30% of the eggs had shiny, reflective eyes.  By Day 7:, the eggs appear ‘spaced out’ along the glass wall, shape seems almost elongated, tiny reflective eyes seen in just about every egg.  Shimmering/reflective property …

Albert B Ulrich IIIClownfish Spawning Days 6 and 7

Clownfish Spawning Day 5

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Day 5: Now, approximately 5% (or less) of the clownfish eggs have developed eyes.  As the clownfish eggs sway in the current gently, the eyes are visible in a few.  It does appear that the spawn has been thinned out a bit by the male.  Hatching should commence in about three …

Albert B Ulrich IIIClownfish Spawning Day 5

Clownfish Spawning

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Yesterday, a pair of Amphiprion ocellaris (common clownfish) spawned in my display tank.  This is the second time the clownfish have spawned in the last two weeks—the size of the spawn is larger than the first time.  In addition to the typical flake ration I feed the display tank, I added …

Albert B Ulrich IIIClownfish Spawning

Dosing Phytoplankton

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Phytoplankton are small photosynthetic organisms considered to be one of the building blocks at the base of the coral reef food chain.  Many filter-feeding invertebrates depend on phytoplankton as a significant source of nourishment.  Within the saltwater reef tank, however, phytoplankton are generally not present in abundant numbers.  As a result, advanced aquarists often …

Albert B Ulrich IIIDosing Phytoplankton