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Neon Goby, Elacatinus oceanops, easy breeder or challenging

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While others before me have characterized the Neon goby as an easy to breed saltwater fish species, my personal experience with Elacatinus oceanops suggests they are not always quite that easy. Where my Neon goby story begins My affair with the Neon Goby began the same way as many affairs do …

Albert B Ulrich IIINeon Goby, Elacatinus oceanops, easy breeder or challenging

Midas blenny: Ecsenius midas

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The Midas blenny, Ecsenius midas, is great beginner fish for a medium-sized aquarium or larger (at least 20 gallons, according to Marine Fishes and at least 30 gallons, according to Live Aquaria). The Midas blenny is an easy-to-care-for species with a  deep golden color, for which it gets its name, and …

Albert B Ulrich IIIMidas blenny: Ecsenius midas