frogspawn coral

frogspawn coral care: Euphyllia divisa

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Frogspawn coral care The Frogspawn coral, Euphyllia divisa, is an LPS coral relative of the hammer coral and torch coral. The frogspawn is very similar,in appearance, to the hammer coral, except that the polyps are branched with round lobes, as can be seen in the images on this page. Frogspawn corals …

Albert B Ulrich IIIfrogspawn coral care: Euphyllia divisa
elegance coral

Elegance coral–Catalaphyllia jardinei

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Elegance Coral Care Guide Introduction The Elegance Coral, Catalaphyllia jardinei, also known as the Ridge Coral, Wonder Coral or Elegant Coral, is an awesome LPS coral for the mixed reef tank. This elegant coral is an anemone look-alike and has long, flowing tentacles, although it is more closely related to …

Albert B Ulrich IIIElegance coral–Catalaphyllia jardinei
candy cane coral no stripes

Candy Cane Coral: Caulastrea furcata, a great beginner LPS coral species

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The Candy Cane Coral: (Caulastrea furcata) The candy cane coral is a LPS coral (stands for large polyp stony coral) species that is great for beginner and intermediate reef tanks. While some LPS corals, like the Torch Coral are aggressive and have large, stinging sweeper tentacles, this attractive coral species is …

Albert B Ulrich IIICandy Cane Coral: Caulastrea furcata, a great beginner LPS coral species

LPS Coral

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What is an LPS Coral? LPS coral is the name given to the group of coral species that have a stony skeleton, made from calcium carbonate, and large fleshy polyps. Many of the popular LPS coral species look a bit like a cross between a small polyp stony coral and a soft coral. The most …

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