10 ways to fight red slime algae

Red Slime Algae Cyanobacteria

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What are Red Slime Algae? Red Slime Algae is the common name for an aquarium troublemaker otherwise known as red cyanobacteria. Since the term cyanobacteria sounds like either a bizarre Crayola Crayon color or the bacterial strain in a Michael Crichton novel (how’s that for a dated reference), the more popular term …

Albert B Ulrich IIIRed Slime Algae Cyanobacteria
how to make saltwater step 2

How to make saltwater from reef salt mix

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How do you make the saltwater for a saltwater reef tank? Have you ever looked at a saltwater tank at a city aquarium, or even a dentist’s office and thought, “I wish I could have one of those!” but don’t even know where to begin? For example, where do they even get the …

Albert B Ulrich IIIHow to make saltwater from reef salt mix