neon goby a functional fish

Neon Goby, Elacatinus oceanops, easy breeder or challenging

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While others before me have characterized the Neon goby as an easy to breed saltwater fish species, my personal experience with Elacatinus oceanops suggests they are not always quite that easy. Where my Neon goby story begins My affair with the Neon Goby began the same way as many affairs do …

Albert B Ulrich IIINeon Goby, Elacatinus oceanops, easy breeder or challenging
torch coral

Torch coral: A large polyp stony (LPS) beginner coral

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The Torch coral, Euphylia glabrescens, is a large polyp stony coral that originates from the Indo-pacific reef regions. This LPS coral species has long, flowing fleshy polyps that extend from a calcified (stony) base. In a moderate water flow, these corals look a bit like a torch, which is where …

Albert B Ulrich IIITorch coral: A large polyp stony (LPS) beginner coral
quarantine tank setup

Quarantine tank setup

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This post explains the need for a quarantine tank setup and provides a checklist to help you get started. Why quarantine your fish? Saltwater fish, in the aquarium hobby, are prone to injury, disease, infection and parasites. The collection and transportation from the aquaculture facility or reef can cause damage …

Albert B Ulrich IIIQuarantine tank setup
cabbage leather coral

Cabbage Leather Coral

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Introduction to caring for the Cabbage Leather Coral The cabbage leather coral is a hardy soft coral that makes an excellent beginner coral species and gets its common name because it grows on short stalks, close to the rock, with large fleshy lobes that are shaped somewhat like the leaves of a …

Albert B Ulrich IIICabbage Leather Coral
bristle worm by prilfish

The bristle worm

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What is a bristle worm? A bristle worm is a nocturnal, segmented worm from the family polychaete, which means ‘many hairs’ in Latin. One glance at these critters and you’ll know where the scientists who discovered them came up with their name. Most of the bristle worms you will find in a saltwater …

Albert B Ulrich IIIThe bristle worm
Easy to use refractometer

7 Exciting Reef Tank Gadgets

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7 Exciting Reef Tank Gadgets For most of us, reefkeeping brings a sense of immense joy and reward, quickly translating into a lifetime love for the hobby.We love our technology aquarium equipment and reef tank gadgets almost as much as our fishy (and coral) friends. Even so, the art of aquatics is undoubtedly one …

Albert B Ulrich III7 Exciting Reef Tank Gadgets
green star polyps growing

Green Star Polyps Coral Care

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Introduction to Green Star Polyps Coral Care Green star polyps are an excellent beginner coral and are perhaps an ideal first coral choice because they are extremely hardy, fast growing and don’t need a lot of light to grow. They are tolerant of intense lighting, if properly acclimated, but don’t …

Albert B Ulrich IIIGreen Star Polyps Coral Care

Midas blenny: Ecsenius midas

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The Midas blenny, Ecsenius midas, is great beginner fish for a medium-sized aquarium or larger (at least 20 gallons, according to Marine Fishes and at least 30 gallons, according to Live Aquaria). The Midas blenny is an easy-to-care-for species with a  deep golden color, for which it gets its name, and …

Albert B Ulrich IIIMidas blenny: Ecsenius midas