How many fish in an aquarium?

How many fish

How many fish in an aquarium? A few things to think about beyond the inches of fish per gallon rule The question: How do you decide how many fish to have in an aquarium is one of the oldest, but hardest to answer questions in the saltwater aquarium hobby. For years, reef enthusiasts have sought after the holy grail of answers that could be applied to aquariums of all sizes. But in reality, the answer should be, “it depends.” How many Continue reading

The New Saltwater Aquarium Guide Is Now Available

The New Saltwater Aquarium Guide

Now Available wherever e-books are sold! The New Saltwater Aquarium Guide is NOW AVAILABLE for download wherever e-books are sold! Amazon Kindle Purchase the guide for your Amazon Kindle Device here Barnes & Noble Nook Get it for your Nook device here Kobo Buy it on Kobo today Itunes Bookstore Download to your iPad or iPhone Don’t have an e-book reader? Don’t worry, you still have two really good options: Option 1: Purchase the PDF version of the book from Smashwords Option Continue reading

Launch date picked for The New Saltwater Aquarium Guide

The New Saltwater Aquarium Guide

The New Saltwater Aquarium Guide The New Saltwater Aquarium guide (cover revealed above) is almost ready to come out of the quarantine tank so you can take-home your own copy. Update: Launch date picked! After a lot of tinkering around behind the scenes, I finally picked a launch date for my book. The plan is to have the book available on all the major e-book platforms on April 11, 2014. That might not sound like a major feat…but what I Continue reading

Does red light signal STOP to corals?

red light affects coral growth

Does red light signal STOP to corals? Inquiring minds want to know, and thanks to research of Dr. Tim Wijgerde (published in PLOS ONE and highlighted at Advanced Aquarist), we now know the answer. Ask any child you see on the street and they’ll probably tell you RED LIGHT MEANS STOP! But what does red light mean to corals? The answer is in a research article titled: Red Light Represses the Photophysiology of the Scleractinian Coral Stylophora pistillata What that really means in Continue reading

Spring Cleaning for your Saltwater Aquarium

cluttered area under the tank

Spring Cleaning for Your Saltwater Aquarium: Four great ways to clean up your aquarium this Spring Thursday, March 20th, marks the official first day of Spring. And what better way to kickoff the season than with a little spring cleaning: Saltwater Aquarium Blog Style. Here is a video for Gangam Style, which is nothing at all like Spring Cleaning: Saltwater Aquarium Blog Style other than they both end in the same word (and I am amusing myself) but it apparently Continue reading

What is in the skimmate produced by a protein skimmer?


What is in the skimmate produced by a protein skimmer? It certainly isn’t sugar and spice and everything nice. The ooey-gooey gunk inside the collection cup of my protein skimmer is a nasty, brown sludge. From a visual standpoint, there isn’t a single characteristic of that mess that seems like it belongs in my tank. But I got to wondering…what is in the skimmate produced by a protein skimmer? Luckily, Google knew what I was looking for and directed me Continue reading

Daylight Savings Challenge For Saltwater Aquarium Enthusiasts

aquarium clock

Daylight Savings Time is Coming Sunday, March 9th is Daylight Savings, which means you are supposed to set your clock one-hour ahead on Saturday night into Sunday. A quick history lesson about Daylight Savings The concept of daylight savings was first popularized by Benjamin Franklin in 1784 as a notion to lower the cost of light by taking advantage of the squandered early morning hours of sunlight. Ben Franklin is also from Philly, which makes him awesome, just like cheese Continue reading

Proposed Table of Contents for my Saltwater Aquarium Book

I’m not sure if you know this, or not, but I have been writing a How-to guide for the saltwater aquarium hobby for the last two years. I am embarrassed that it took so long for me to write—but I think the book is much better as a result. Somewhere along the line, I stopped writing the book because I was frustrated, bored and stuck. But I also managed to find my voice and became energized again. My goals with Continue reading

Picking a new logo–and I need your help

Hi there. If I haven’t said this to you lately, thank you for being out there, reading this blog, and being you. Now that I’ve buttered you up, I have a favor to ask. When I started this blog back in 2009 (when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the world wide web was viewed on computer monitors instead of phones), I created my own logo for this site. I know, I know, it is so darn professional that you thought Continue reading

Clownfish and their anemones

clownfish and their anemones

The common clownfish is probably the single-most popular saltwater aquarium fish out there–ever. There is just some universal appeal about the bright orange color with white and black stripes that captivates the human mind. I know that was one of the first fish I had to have, and I suspect it may have been one of your first fish as well. If you’re like me, you probably also imagined yourself keeping the clownfish with a host anemone. In the wild, Continue reading