coral banded shrimp

Coral Banded Shrimp: Stenopus hispidus

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Introduction to the Coral Banded Shrimp The Stenopus hispidus, commonly known as Boxer Shrimp, Banded Cleaner Shrimp or Coral Banded Shrimp, is a popular and inexpensive invertebrate to add to your tank. Like some of the other common saltwater aquarium shrimp, you may find that this little fella will be …

Albert B Ulrich IIICoral Banded Shrimp: Stenopus hispidus
montipora image

The Full Monty: Montipora Corals

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Introduction If you are looking for a great beginner SPS coral, you should give serious consideration to the corals in the genus Monitpora, affectionately called “Monties” by those who care for them. Montipora corals are beautiful and easy to keep corals as long as you keep your water parameters in the …

Albert B Ulrich IIIThe Full Monty: Montipora Corals
purple firefish

Purple firefish: Nemmateleotris decora

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Purple Firefish Guide The Nemmateleotris decora, commonly known as Purple Firefish, Purple Dartfish, Flame Firefish, Decorated Dartfish, Fire Goby or Decorated Firefish, the Indo-west-Pacific Ocean area in 1973. Its natural coloration is white to various degrees of yellow shades, with deep purple hues beginning at the head and ending in …

Albert B Ulrich IIIPurple firefish: Nemmateleotris decora
elegance coral

Elegance coral–Catalaphyllia jardinei

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Elegance Coral Care Guide Introduction The Elegance Coral, Catalaphyllia jardinei, also known as the Ridge Coral, Wonder Coral or Elegant Coral, is an awesome LPS coral for the mixed reef tank. This elegant coral is an anemone look-alike and has long, flowing tentacles, although it is more closely related to …

Albert B Ulrich IIIElegance coral–Catalaphyllia jardinei
lawnmower blenny from wiki

Lawnmower Blenny Aquarium Care: Salarias fasciatus

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Lawnmower Blenny Aquarium Care The Lawnmower Blenny, Salarias fasciatus, is a peaceful community saltwater fish with a great personality and truly earns the name lawnmower, by mowing down microalgae in your tank. As is typical for any saltwater fish, the lawnmower blenny is also known by several other names, including …

Albert B Ulrich IIILawnmower Blenny Aquarium Care: Salarias fasciatus

5 Best Selling Saltwater Aquarium Products

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5 Best Selling Saltwater Aquarium Products Are you itching to buy a best selling saltwater aquarium product for your tank? Want to know what other blog readers are buying for their saltwater aquarium?  I have to admit, I was curious to see what other people are buying–and now that I know, …

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alytoxin zoanthids palythoa from CDC


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The dangers of palytoxin and why you need to read this article Palytoxin is one of the most toxic marine chemicals and it might be in your home right now. I hope that caught your attention. One way to determine how toxic a chemical is to give it to a …

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how to dose kalkwasser

How to dose kalkwasser in a reef tank saltwater aquarium

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What is kalkwasser? Kalkwasser is the German word for calcium hydroxide, a relatively inexpensive reef tank additive that will help you keep your calcium and pH levels nice and high in your tank. For some reason, the term kalkwasser has become part of the mainstream vernacular in the saltwater aquarium …

Albert B Ulrich IIIHow to dose kalkwasser in a reef tank saltwater aquarium