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Kole tang Ctenochaetus strigosus

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Introduction to keeping the Kole Tang The Kole tang, Ctenochaetus strigosus, is a popular saltwater fish, also known as Yelloweye Tang, Striped Bristletooth Tang, Goldring Bristletooth Tang, Spotted Surgeonfish, Yellow-eyed surgeonfish etc. It belongs to the family Acanthuridae under order Perciformes of class Actinopterygii. Native to the Hawaiian Islands, it inhabits shallow …

Albert B Ulrich IIIKole tang Ctenochaetus strigosus
Bubble Tip Anemone

Bubble Tip Anemone

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Introduction The Bubble Tip anemone is the most popular anemone among the aquarium enthusiasts because of its: spectacular coloration general hardiness likelihood of hosting the clownfish species commonly kept in the home aquarium. You may also see this anemone listed as Four Colored Anemone, Maroon Bulb anemone, Bulb Tentacle anemone, Bulb …

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duncan coral public domain

Duncan coral: Duncanopsammia axifuga

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The Duncan coral, duncanopsammia axifuga, has large, fleshy polyps and looks a little bit like a zoanthid or other button polyp species, but it is really a large polyp stony (LPS) coral. Duncan corals are sometimes also called whisker coral or daisy coral. Like all LPS corals, duncans have a …

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The importance of being consistent with your saltwater aquarium

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Consistency is one of the most important concepts when it comes to having a successful saltwater aquarium. The animals we keep in our tanks tend to do best when the water quality is high and the conditions are stable. That’s why it is so important to create a routine and …

Albert B Ulrich IIIThe importance of being consistent with your saltwater aquarium
copperband butterfly fish from camden

copperband butterfly

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The Copperband butterfly, a beautiful saltwater aquarium fish The copperband butterfly is a beautiful and iconic saltwater aquarium fish species. The long nose, honed by evolution for picking meals from tiny crevices in the live rock. The alternating black-lined goldfish yellow copper-colored bands and white coloration pattern. The false eyespot on …

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frogspawn LPS coral

LPS Coral

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What is an LPS Coral? LPS coral is the name given to the group of coral species that have a stony skeleton, made from calcium carbonate, and large fleshy polyps. Many of the popular LPS coral species look a bit like a cross between a small polyp stony coral and a soft coral. The most …

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protein skimmer

best protein skimmer brands

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Best Protein Skimmer Brands A product review of the most popular brands of saltwater protein skimmer available for the reef aquarium As technology continues to improve, it becomes a little bit easier for us to maintain ideal conditions for our reef tanks. But as our reef aquarium equipment improves, our options …

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